Adopt Me (Short)

A Comedy


In a scheme to get more financial aid, John (18) attempts to adopt his best friend Sam (17).

Directed, edited, written, produced, and sound designed by John Canfield.

The Story Behind the Film

After completing all of the required classes at NYU Film,

I pursued my desire to make a comedy for my senior thesis.

…but the film department reviewed the script and said “we only make serious films here.”

So it wasn’t greenlit.

Instead of abandoning the film, I walked out on the class and decided to make it on my own.

I assembled an 8-person crew of family and friends. We wore many hats, and slept very little. We filmed 103 shots in just 2 days.

My production roles included: director, writer, editor, camera operator, sound designer, re-recording mixer and producer.

In May 2013 the film premiered to a sold-out crowd at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema on East Houston Street in NYC.



By Julie Hammill of Hammill Design:

Adopt Me Poster