Detailed analysis is the fundamental component of how my brain works. Often when I’m not applying this skill to filmmaking or the world of technology, I’m utilizing it to research and invest in publicly-traded companies.

Markets are not perfectly efficient, and with that inefficiency comes a number of great opportunities. I revel in finding companies which have been underestimated. Small-cap stocks are typically the ones in my crosshairs, as they have the additional challenges of being relatively unknown, and lacking in diversified revenue streams.

In college I used my analytical abilities to compete against students from 17 New York State colleges and universities in a stock simulation challenge hosted by Adirondack Funds. I worked with a team of analysts to create and rebalance a portfolio of 5 small-cap stocks from 5 different sectors.

In January 2013 I continued to work with Adirondack Funds for a winter internship during which I shadowed the two fund managers and marketing director to get an understanding of their processes and day-to-day life.

Their mutual fund controls over $250 million in assets and received the Lipper award in 2011 for the best small-cap value fund in America. During my internship I aided them with equity analysis on their Bloomberg Terminal, met with numerous clients, and discussed the merits of various growth and value small-cap stocks.

During my final year of college I was a senior analyst for the Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF), a hedge fund where we worked to allocate and invest over $200,000 into a diversified portfolio.

And if I feel like I have something important to say, sometimes I’ll blog about it:

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